Self-Service Laundry Washing Machine Solution

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How It Works

  1. Silkron® Vendiot[Pulse] Board allows users to use their smart phones to pay for their laundry.
  2. For first-time use, users can download the Vendron Go App from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.
  3. Laundry is loaded into the self-service washing machine. Users can scan the QR code located on the washing machine. Users will then select their preferred washing mode and make the payment.
  4. Upon payment acceptance, the washing machine will prompt customers to start the washing process when they are ready.
  5. Users will also be able to use the app to search for nearby store locations and to view the transactions record.

How to Use

Download App

Download the Vendron Go App

Scan QR Code

Scan the QR code

Mobile Payment

Select washing mode and make payment

Laundry Washed

Laundry is being washed

Collect Clothes

Collect Clothes

Advantages for Operators

  • We are currently moving towards a cashless society, no longer is there the need to have sufficient change in the machine, nor the need of a separate token exchange kiosk to support transactions.

  • This allows for a greater sense of security as there is no cash in the machines to be stolen and there is no need the schedule regular visits to the store for cash collection.

  • The cashless method allows for more efficient transactions which in turn leads to reduced queuing times and allows for greater sales volume.

  • The convenience it provided to users will encourage them to return to the self-service laundry more frequently which would lead to higher revenue.

  • Able to monitor sales data in real time from anywhere and anytime.

Advantages for Users

  • The convenience and simplicity of using an app to make a purchase is becoming more widespread everyday.

  • No longer take the risk or hassle for users to carry cash on their person.

  • With the advent of the cashless laundry machines, there has never been a more effortless & convenient way for users to do their own laundry.

  • This in turn reduces queuing time for users.

Please get in touch with us to know more about how our self-service retail platform can assist you in your self-service laundry operations.