Marketing & Promotion

In this new era, Smart Vending do not only works solely on helping the machine owners to gain profits by selling the items in the machine but now it has been a new trend to have marketing and promotional campaigns by using Smart Vending. Let’s check out on how this works.
MCD Machine

How does Marketing & Promotion take place in Smart Vending Machines?

  • Direct Marketing

    Digital signage and billboards available for advertising purposes, and not only that, direct marketing. The machine body is
    also a valuable real estate for advertisements via stickers and decorations.

  • Loyalty Rewards

    Vending operators and the brand owners can drive excitement at customer accounts using sweepstakes, contests, promo codes, discounts, specials, loyalty rewards and more.

  • Interactive Games

    In marketing newly launched product or introduction of new product line, brand owners and vending operators commonly conduct marketing program in the form of interactive games whereby attracting consumers to participate in it and after the game, a product will be dispensed as an appreciation gift.

  • Market Survey

    We have brand owners collecting consumer questionnaire surveys, where the users will get free gift after participating in the survey. Subsequently, the brands can collect consumer feedback and market trend.

  • Communicate with a central database

    Brand owners and vending operators able to communicate with their customers via newsletter and Vendron Go mobile app from a central database via our Vendron Cloud.

  • Interact with their social medias channels

    The brands and retailers can allow their consumers to interact with their social medias channels directly from the smart vending machines, such as LIKES, posting photos taken from the machines, tweets, etc which will leverage the social impact and viral effects initiated by the users to their social networks creating further fans to the brands.

How can Brands and Operators benefit?

  • Ability to build sales, market share, and brand awareness. These programs will increase sales immediately and continue to grow long-term.
  • In addition to increasing sales, this also helps to bring operators’ products to the top of their customers’ minds.
  • Able to conduct a sampling program without added labor costs.
  • Enable consumer product marketers to reach consumers in all over the whole without limitations or offers product marketers the ability to tailor
     a promotion to a location.

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