Smart Vending Machine Design Reference

As opposed to traditional and conventional vending machines, a smart vending machine (or intelligent vending machine) should be designed with the following attributes in mind.

Design Attributes

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"... It is definitely an honor to work with such a talented team of Silkron for bringing our ideas to life in vending."
A smart vending operator in Canada
"You have a great company and I am very honored to have the chance to work with you..."
A system integrator in United States of America
"The smart vending machine and Vendron system is working perfectly."
A system integrator in Qatar
"we are very happy with the machine... this vending solution is very innovative... the machine working in gprs network, 2G and 3G... mobile payment is great! ... we are very satisfied"
A mobile operator in Mongolia
"I would like to express my gratitude for the technical support that you are providing... Just wanted to take time and let you know that we value your customer service and enjoy doing business with you."
A vending operator in Kyrgyzstan and Russia
"The machine has been very popular and drawn a lot of attention... Your system is very user friendly and didn't take long to pick up."
A vending operator in Australia
"...the Regional Director of Twitter again who admitted our machine is 'the best in the world', so thanks to you and your team."
An advertising / media company in Australia
"First of all would like to thank you for the machine, it great! Plug and play basically :) ... thank you very much for such great customer service. Even time difference doesn't stand on the way :)"
A vending operator of medical/pharmaceutical products in New York, United States of America
"So far the machines have proved to be good quality and easy to use, so thank you!"
A vending operator in South Africa