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Silkron® Smart Vending Solution - Vendron®
Automated vending and self-service retail / F&B industry has been always seeking ways to increase revenue, profitability and return of investment (ROI) of the vending machines and retail / F&B outlets, to elevate the customer experience, to reduce the operating costs and to improve the efficiency of the operations. Our extensive experience in industrial automation has been synergized to the vending and self-service retail / F&B industry to offer a full range of smart vending solutions that varies from smart vending machines and kiosk, smart vending software development kit (SDK) to back-end cloud vending remote manageability solution and services. Smart Vending, or Intelligent Vending, Digital Vending or whatever that you like to call it, is the new and inevitable wave of changes in vending and self-service retail / F&B industry.

In the heart of Silkron® Smart Vending solution, Vendron® software platform is a plugin-based framework, in which all functionality and features are developed as plugins and installed to the platform. It enables the vending machines and interactive payment kiosks to be capable of:

Multimedia interactivity
Cash / cashless payment and identity-based validation
Digital signage
Video analytics
Cloud-based Remote manageability

Multimedia interactivity with large touch display will attract more attention and will be very appealing to the potential customers, thus increase sales of the products.

Accepting both cash and cashless payment such as debit/credit cards, mobile payment, internet payment and so on will provide convenience to the customers and indirectly promote more sales, besides encouraging the sales of higher value items.

The adoption of digital signage will generate a new source of advertising income for vending operators, leveraging on the high-traffic location of the smart vending machines and interactive payment kiosks. Targeted ads can be displayed based on the locations and sales history of the smart vending machines and payment kiosks.

With video analytics, the smart vending machine plays ads and promotes products based on the viewer’s demographics such as gender and age group. When customers approach the smart vending machine or payment kiosk, Vendron's video analytics function can also make recommendations based on their demographics of gender and age groups, or what they just purchased, for cross-selling purposes.

Smart Vending Sales UI

Telemetry capability will also allow faster ROI of the deployment. Vendron® provides remote accessibility to the smart vending machine's and payment kiosk's operation status such as alerts when the machine is stuck, vandalized, out of stock and so on. The vending operators can also remotely access to the inventory level of the stock. Therefore the service and restocking route can be optimized to maximize efficiency by reducing labor and fuel costs.

Over the internet, Vendron® and Vendron® Cloud provide the features for remote manageability of the intelligent vending machines and payment kiosks. Software updates and content management for digital signage, interactive screen content and themes can be accomplished remotely and securely for any number of smart vending machines and payment kiosks.

Industrial segment too deserves smart industrial vending machines that would save productivity, time and cost and even lives by promoting occupational and environmental health and safety in the workplace, with a little bit of fun and lively interactivity. Smart industrial vending machines dispenses industrial spare parts and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) effectively and efficiently with 24/7 availability to the users in need. It can reduce the part retrieval time and wastage of inventory while increasing the efficiency of inventory maintenance process and optimizing the stock level with full visibility into the consumption and trend.

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