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Smart Vending Machine Design Reference
As opposed to traditional and conventional vending machines, a smart vending machine (or intelligent vending machine) should be designed with the following attributes in mind (mouse over the vending machine image and annotation boxes for description):

Design Attributes
CameraVideo analytics of gender and age group enable product recommendation, cross-selling, targeted ads, targeted marketing campaign, etc.
Internet ConnectivityTo connect to Vendron® Cloud for remote managebility and telemetry
SensorsIntegrate sensors for door open, machine movement, temperature reading and others for security, remote monitoring and diagnostics
Touch DisplayMultimedia interactivity for intuitive user experience and engagement
Digital SignageNew source of revenue from advertising and targeted marketing campaigns
Interactivity & InformationCustomers interact with the vending machine, view product details, and gain confidence in making a purchase of products as well as non-physical services such as tickets, coupons, mobile top-ups, etc.
Customer EngagementAttracts and engage customers with various fun and interactive screen plugins such as weather information, news feed, customer survey & feedback, social networking, etc
Cash & Cashless PaymentsAccepting cash and debit/credit cards, mobile payment and so on provides convenience to the customers and promote more transactions and higher sale item value
Card, ID and NFC DeviceEnables deeper customer engagement and innovative marketing campaign via loyalty programmes, mobile applications and interactions besides cashless payments
StorageOptimized storage design for high product mix and capacity
Ergonomic and Eco-FriendlyBe ergonomic and disabilities-friendly, while friendly to the environment through intelligent temperature control and energy saving
SoftwareVersatile, reliable and scalable platform with cloud remote manageability that fulfills all smart vending criterias and grows with business and technology needs continuously, much like Silkron's Vendron®
Please get in touch with us to know more how our Vendron® solutions can assist you in your smart vending machine design.

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Smart Vending Machine

So far the machines have proved to be good quality and easy to use, so thank you!

A vending operator in South Africa

First of all would like to thank you for the machine, it great! Plug and play basically :) ... thank you very much for such great customer service. Even time difference doesn't stand on the way :)

A vending operator of medical/pharmaceutical products in New York, United States of America

...the Regional Director of Twitter again who admitted our machine is "the best in the world", so thanks to you and your team.

An advertising / media company in Australia

we are very happy with the machine... this vending solution is very innovative... the machine working in gprs network, 2G and 3G... mobile payment is great! ... we are very satisfied

A mobile operator in Mongolia

I would like to express my gratitude for the technical support that you are providing... Just wanted to take time and let you know that we value your customer service and enjoy doing business with you.

A vending operator in Kyrgyzstan and Russia