Vendron Cloud

Silkron Vendron Cloud is a cloud-based web manageability service that can be accessed from anywhere on any compatible devices including PC, smart phones, tablets and so on to remotely manage and monitor your clusters of vending machines and payment kiosks in disperse locations.

Centralized Inventory Management
Real-Time Sales Report
Stock Replenishment Route Planning
Digital Signage Management

Please get in touch with us to know more about our Vendron Cloud and how it can assist you in your smart vending machine and payment kiosks deployment.

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A vending machine manufacturer in China
"U guys are great! ... i love silkron instructions. so easy"
A vending machine distributor and system integrator in United States of America
"First, with the Vendron box, we are machine "agnostic" -- that is, we can take nearly any machine and add it to our network."
A regulated-product vending operator in United States of America
"thanks to your software. Customer is satisfied with the machines"
A vending machine manufacturer in China
"Great technology and great technical support, that's a recipe for success."
A vending franchiser in Australia, United States of America & Spain
"I've seen the Vendron Cloud v2 and I like it very much. It looks much nicer and user friendly."
A vending machine manufacturer in Australia
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A leading vending operator in Singapore and Malaysia
"I am pleased to say that Vendron Cloud works well and it is correctly reporting our machine sales and stock information."
A vending machine supplier in United Kingdom
"we are very happy with the machine... this vending solution is very innovative... the machine working in gprs network, 2G and 3G... mobile payment is great! ... we are very satisfied"
A mobile operator in Mongolia
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A vending operator in Kyrgyzstan and Russia
"indeed I find yours a revolutionary and innovative solution, that is ahead of any competition on your category..."
A vending operator in Costa Rica
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A vending operator in Australia
"..we see your cloud is very good"
A system integrator in United Arab Emirates
"it works. Good... First, I can congratulate both of us - people are interested - that’s the main result."
A beverage vending operator in California, United States of America