Silkron® Conductor - Instrument Automation and Control
Silkron® Conductor is an Instrument Automation & Control software, which interfaces directly with the instruments via GPIB, Serial Communication (RS-232), Ethernet and so on.

It comes with a built-in scripting engine which allows the user to write their own automated control sequence easily and quickly in either Visual Basic, C++ or Pascal programming languages.

It can also collect data from the instruments automatically to generate reports.

Reports can be designed easily in various formats.

It incorporates:
Script Editor (supports Visual Basic, C++ & Pascal languages)
Process mode (User-friendly console to execute instrument automation process)
Automated data collection
Report generation
Report designer
Instrument database
Multi-level multi-user security
Full support for GPIB, Serial Communication (RS-232), Ethernet & etc.
Diagnostic tools
Self-designed Report formats
Conductor - Reports